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College of Business and Economics

The mission of the Startford University of Business and Economics is to prepare and encourage value-centered professionals to be committed to an entrepreneurial spirit, ethical focus and global orientation. We do this by combining extensive, reality-based experiences with specialized academic courses

As economies change throughout the globe, students can take advantage of curricula designed and complemented by business professionals from manufacturing, merchandising and service firms, as well as non-profit organizations. The instruction in ethical business decisions and practices we provide will train students to not only look at the bottom line, but also to understand how each and every decision they make affects the world in which they live.

Small class sizes allow you to have an understanding of the structures and actual conditions of business in an academic environment. Our outstanding faculty develops the essential one-on- one interaction with each student that helps future business leaders enhance their public speaking abilities and critical management skills. Entrepreneurial ideas are discussed and developed into business applications that encourage a thorough understanding of the sound business and monetary policies that create successful organizations.

As part of a unique experience at Stratford University, all senior business majors are required to compete in the Colorado Governor’s Cup Business Plan competition as part of their curriculum. The Governor’s Cup is a statewide collegiate business plan competition that simulates the real world process of researching a market, writing a business plan and making a presentation to potential investors. Teams from Stratford University have consistently competed well, with many making it through to the final round.


College of Humanities and Social Science

The College of Humanities and Social Science showcases the broad liberal arts focus of stratford university by challenging students to enhance critical thinking and develop effective speaking and research skills essential to numerous career paths. Active engagement in high-quality creative writing distinguishes stratford university’s students in their perceptive approach to literature and in the Catholic tradition of values that will enrich their intellectual life and increase their individual usefulness to society.

Students pursuing a degree in History can actively engage, interact with and learn from some of the greatest minds and texts of human history in small, discussion-based classes. Rewarding careers in Social and Linguistics Arts are available to individuals who are guided on their intellectual journey by faculty who are personally committed to each and every student.

EXPLORE OUR Humanities and Social Science DEGREE PROGRAMS

College of Communications & Creative Arts

The College of Communications & Creative Arts at stratford University fosters intellectual inquiry and nurtures creativity in the context of a Catholic, liberal arts education. We recognize that the artistic vocation and its life-long commitment to learning are crucial elements of a successful community.

Our programs are rooted in the tradition of welcoming and bringing together different disciplines, peoples and ways of celebrating the human experience. Our curriculum provides students with practical creative opportunities and theoretical concepts they will apply in the broader world, leading to a vibrant and responsible society.

Whether you choose to major in Dance, Visual Arts, all classes are taught by trained professional artists and visiting artists with many years of experience creating their own artwork. We feature a hands-on curriculum with a high degree of student-faculty interaction that provides students with a unique educational opportunity at a university recognized for its scholarly and creative excellence.


College of Education

St. Gregory’s Department of Education offers excellent preparation for those who desire to teach the next generation of students. Our accredited programs lead to bachelor’s degrees and initial licensure in Elementary or Secondary Education. Students who want to teach on the high school level will focus on Secondary Education and may choose to specialize in English, Biology, Mathematics or Social Studies.

In addition to coursework, Education majors spend a considerable amount of time in actual elementary and secondary school classrooms. The culmination of each Education major’s training will be actual student teaching. Student teachers are placed in public and private schools in districts in and surrounding Shawnee and Oklahoma City. Mentored by a faculty supervisor and a cooperating teacher, the student teacher will apply the knowledge gained through coursework and field experiences to actual teaching.

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College of Law

Law is a field, which is in a state of constant evolution, given the frequent changes in the mindsets and ideas throughout the world. Given its fluid nature, it becomes a highly competitive arena.

Lawyers are expected to be highly adaptive to new situations and their problem-solving skills ought to be exemplary. These skills obviously do not come to them naturally; rather they have to be acquired through the legal knowledge gained through education.

College of Law, through its Masters  & Doctor program, aims to give this knowledge to young minds, if they seek to pursue a career in the legal profession. USA’s legal society is large only the most hard- working and able minded prevail over the others and for them, there are no limits to what they can achieve through this profession. The extensive courses offered by the College of Law focus on not only giving the young scholars the necessary tools to begin a legal career but are also designed to add to their knowledge so that their vision increases vis-à-vis other aspects of life. Given the fact that law is inextricably intertwined with all other fields of activity.

The College proposes to achieve this goal in the highest standard with the help of senior practitioners of Law who will not only teach the students but also offer their personal expertise to help them to understand law and its practice much more effectively.


College of Computer Science

The mission of the College of Computer Science is to cultivate and inspire innovative, ethical, and globally-minded technology professionals. We achieve this by integrating cutting-edge, hands-on experiences with a rigorous academic curriculum tailored to the ever-evolving field of computer science.

As technology continues to shape and redefine industries across the globe, students can benefit from curricula designed and refined by leading professionals from tech companies, research institutions, and entrepreneurial ventures. The education we provide goes beyond coding and algorithms; it instills an understanding of how technology impacts society, and how ethical considerations must guide every decision in the field.

Small class sizes foster a collaborative and immersive learning environment, allowing students to grasp the complexities and real-world applications of computer science. Our distinguished faculty engages in one-on-one interactions with each student, nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication skills. Innovative ideas are not just taught but are transformed into tangible projects and research, fostering a deep understanding of the principles and practices that drive technological advancement.

Unique to our College of Computer Science, all senior computer science majors have the opportunity to participate in prestigious competitions such as the Technology Innovation Challenge. This competition simulates the real-world process of inventing a technological solution, developing a business plan, and presenting to industry experts and potential investors. Teams from our college have consistently performed exceptionally, with many reaching the final stages and receiving accolades.

The College of Computer Science at stratford University is more than an educational institution; it’s a breeding ground for the next generation of tech leaders, researchers, and innovators. Our commitment to excellence, ethics, and global awareness prepares our graduates to not only excel in their careers but to contribute positively to the ever-changing technological landscape.


Our Program Overview

Programs at Stratford University

Stratford University offers a range of focused and career-centric programs designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge essential for success in today’s competitive business landscape. Our programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of industry professionals, particularly members of the Global Association of Managers and Executives (GAME). Explore our offerings below:


Duration: 6 Months
Overview Master the fundamentals of bookkeeping, financial recordkeeping, and accounting principles. This program will provide you with the skills needed to maintain accurate financial records, manage budgets, and make informed financial decisions. Whether you're seeking to advance in your current role or looking to transition into the field of finance, our Bookkeeping will set you on the right path.

Business Administration

Duration: 9 Months
Overview Elevate your management and leadership abilities with our Business Administration. Learn the art of strategic planning, effective decision-making, and organizational behavior. This program is ideal for professionals who aspire to take on leadership roles, whether in their current organizations or as entrepreneurs.


Duration: 6 Months
Overview Dive into the dynamic world of modern marketing with our Marketing program. Explore the latest marketing strategies, consumer behavior analysis, and digital marketing techniques. This program is tailored for those looking to enhance their marketing skills and stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of marketing.


Duration: 12 Months
Overview If you dream of launching your own business venture, our Entrepreneurship is your roadmap to success. Gain expertise in business planning, financing, and entrepreneurial strategies. Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established professional looking to explore new opportunities, this program will equip you with the tools to bring your business ideas to life.

Why Choose Stratford University's Programs?

Industry Relevance

Our certificate programs are designed to align with industry demands, ensuring that you acquire skills that are directly applicable to your career.

Experienced Faculty

Learn from experienced professionals who have excelled in their respective fields and are passionate about helping you succeed.


We understand the demands of your professional life. Our flexible scheduling options and online learning platforms allow you to balance your education with your career.


Join a community of like-minded professionals and build valuable connections that can advance your career.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Invest in your professional growth with a program from Stratford University. Whether you’re looking to enhance your skills, advance your career, or explore new opportunities, our programs are designed to empower you. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and start your journey toward success.

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