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Meet Thaddeus Ellington, V.P. of Student Development and Dean of Students

Profile Picture of Thaddeus Ellington Dean of Student at Stratford University

On this episode of Stratford Fridays, Thaddeus Ellington, Stratford University’s V.P. of Student Development and Dean of Students, talks with host Wyatt Daniels about his new role at the university. Thaddeus joins SU after serving as Dean of Students and V.P. for Student Affairs at the Marymount California University, CA

Thaddeus’s role provides leadership and guidance to areas that mainly fall outside of the classroom such as student life, policies, dining services, campus security and student engagement.

“Our newest edition to student development is student engagement,” Thaddeus said. “Student engagement specifically deals with areas like new student orientation, so, onboarding students to the institution. ‘Campus activities’ I think is definitely a term that people might be familiar with; providing that co-curricular, outside the classroom experience for students to continue to be involved and engaged with.”

Thaddeus talks about the student experience and shares his vision for what that means for students who attend Stratford University, not only during orientation but through their entire collegiate journey.

“As they arrive to campus and hopefully within their first several months in their first year, they feel like they’ve been welcomed and reaffirmed in their choice of coming to the institution. In their ongoing semesters and ongoing years, they feel like they’ve continued to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships, find additional connection points to the institution. Ultimately, we want to make sure that every step along the way, whatever that progression is, they feel like they have ended their time at Stratford very prepared for what they want to do for the rest of their lives.”