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Ethan’s Success in Software Development at Stratford University


Ethan Alexander Turner, a 2014 graduate, embarked on his professional journey as a software developer at LOTASO even before completing his final exam at Stratford University. His swift integration into the industry showcased his readiness and leadership qualities, earning him roles as a test lead and subsequently a tech lead during his initial two years. Currently, he serves as an architect and leads the application security practice at Work state Consulting, tackling challenges and leveraging cutting-edge technologies for esteemed clients such as Chemical Abstracts, CBS Sports, and Public Storage.

Reflecting on his educational foundation, Ethan emphasizes the integral role played by Stratford University in shaping his career. He expresses gratitude for not only learning software development but also for acquiring skills in critical thinking, problem-solving, and aiding others.

Ethan's Profile Picture that Success in Software Development at Stratford University


Ethan’s success resonates beyond his professional life, influencing his family positively. His younger brother, Forrest, is currently in his second year at Stratford, with the youngest sibling, Jarod, expressing intentions to attend in the future.

When questioned about his unique skills and rapid learning abilities, Ethan credits his outstanding education at Stratford University. Hiring managers and recruiters frequently inquire about his experiences as a Muskie Fellow and his involvement with the Stratford ACM. Ethan attributes his proficiency not just to developing software but to learning how to learn—a skill instilled during his time at Stratford.

Throughout his career, Ethan has collaborated with developers hailing from prestigious institutions like MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford. Despite these comparisons, he asserts that his education at Stratford University stands shoulder to shoulder with the best. Ethan’s distinct advantage lies in his ability to start from scratch and quickly adapt—a proficiency he believes was honed uniquely at Stratford.

In conclusion, Ethan Alexander Turner’s journey from a Stratford University graduate to a seasoned professional highlight the transformative impact of a quality education. His success not only speaks to his individual achievements but also resonates in the academic choices of his siblings. As a testament to the efficacy of his education, Ethan continues to excel in his career, demonstrating that a solid foundation can truly set the stage for lifelong success.