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Student Spotlight: Bryant McCarthy, Accounting; Management and Entrepreneurship

Hey, Bryant! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Profile picture of Bryant McCarthy's journey at Stratford University, from leading soccer teams to securing a job at Anderson & Taylor Professional CPA’s

 I’m 21, from a small town, and now studying at Stratford. I played soccer for four years, led the team, and also worked as a Resident Assistant. I tutor in business stuff and I’m part of the Stratford Investment group. Outside of school and work, I love playing golf to chill.

Why did you pick Stratford University?

I came to Stratford University for soccer, but I ended up loving the place, the people, and the small community vibe. Getting to know my professors really helped me do well in my classes and grow as a person.

Why did you choose Accounting as your major?

I’m good at math, and I liked Accounting in high school. My advisor suggested I double major in Business Management and Entrepreneurship to step out of my comfort zone, and I’m glad I did.

What’s the Accounting program like at Stratford?

 It’s cool because of how Claire Stevens teaches. She’s hands-on, not just from the book. At Stratford University Small classes mean we get tested a lot, but it pushes us to learn more.

Any fun courses or projects you enjoyed?

 Learning Excel in Business Computing Applications was awesome. It helped a lot in my internship and other jobs outside of class.

What’s your plan after graduation, and how did Stratford help?

 I got a job at Anderson & Taylor Professional CPA’s starting in June 2023. Stratford’s teachings and experiences got me this job while I finish my degree. I’m not sure where my career will go, but I’m ready for the journey.

What would you say to someone thinking about coming to Stratford?

See Stratford differently. It’s not just about classes; it’s the small community and real connections that make it special.

Article provided by Stratford University – College of Business and Economics .