Stratford University

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Stratford University Services Overview

At Stratford University, we are committed to providing comprehensive services to support every aspect of our students’ academic journey and beyond. Explore the range of services we offer:


Your milestone achievement matters. Access all the essential information you need for a smooth graduation process. From ceremony details to documentation requirements, we ensure you’re well-prepared for this significant moment in your academic journey.


Navigating the financial aspects of education can be complex. Our Student Financial Services are designed to assist you in understanding tuition, fees, and available financial aid options. We are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your education investment.


Your career success is our priority. Our Career Services team provides valuable resources, guidance, and opportunities to enhance your career readiness. From resume building to connecting with potential employers, we are here to support your professional journey.


Join a vibrant community of alumni who have excelled in various fields. Our Alumni Relations team keeps you connected, informed, and engaged. Explore networking opportunities, events, and resources tailored to support our growing community of successful graduates.


The Office of the Registrar is your go-to source for academic records and enrollment services. Whether you need transcripts, enrollment verifications, or assistance with course registration, our dedicated team is here to facilitate a seamless academic experience.


Clarity on tuition and fees is crucial for effective financial planning. Our Tuition and Fees Information provides a detailed breakdown, ensuring transparency and helping you understand the financial commitment associated with your education.

At Stratford University, we believe that providing exceptional services is integral to fostering a positive and successful educational experience. Our commitment extends beyond the classroom, supporting you in achieving your academic and professional aspirations.